Declare Your Energy Independence

Want to break free from high electricity costs? Take control NOW and lock in your utility rates for decades to come—providing protection, predictability, and peace of mind. AmeriSave Solar is here to make it simpler and more streamlined for you. Let AmeriSave Solar be your expert guide every step of the way—you’ll never regret the investment as your return grows more substantial over time


(Solar as a Service)

  • Lock-in a low, predictable rate.
  • Protect against rising electricity prices.
  • Pay for the power, not for the panels.
  • No hidden fees, just savings that grow each year.
  • Worry-free performance and maintenance.


(Cash | Loan)

  • Tremendous tax benefits!
  • Decades of free electricity.
  • Clean, reliable solar power.
  • No worry about rising energy costs and hidden utility fees.
  • Solar adds value to your home.


(Integrated | Retrofit)

  • Integrated energy storage solution for your home.
  • Safe, clean, reliable backup power when you need it most.
  • Provides protection from blackouts and high rates.
  • Store excess energy produced and seamlessly optimize usage.
  • Use whenever electricity rates are higher or during power outages.

AmeriSave Solar Carefully Vets and Partners
with the Best Solar Install Companies

Everyone should have the freedom to choose where they get their energy, to control their home’s energy costs, and be safe from grid disruption. Of course, going solar today can be complicated, especially if you don’t have the right partner or plan for your needs. AmeriSave Solar chooses to partner with two of the nation’s most trusted solar companies:

  • Home Solar Energy Solutions
    Save Money with Palmetto

    Palmetto handles all aspects of a solar installation.We take pride in our work and know that it will standthe test of time. Solar is what we do and what weexcel at—see for yourself.


Timing is Everything: The Sun is Setting on the 26% Federal Tax Credit

There may never be a better time to go solar, so don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

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You'll Never Regret Investing in Solar

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